About Us

EducationUSA advising centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a part of EducationUSA network with more than 450 centers around the world, actively promote U.S. higher education by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about educational institutions in the United States and guidance to qualified individuals on how best to access those opportunities.

Advising includes a variety of topics like selecting higher education institutions, identifying possibilities for financial aid, understanding the process of application to colleges and universities, applying for a student visa, assistance with translation of documents, preparing for life in another country, as well as assistance with finding employment opportunities upon return of students to their home country.

EducationUSA advisors have a long experience in working with students and extensive knowledge of American universities and colleges, as well as opportunities to study at those universities.

EducationUSA advising centers are supported by the United States Government, and are the only official advising centers that provide information about studying in the United States. All advising services are free of charge.

There are four EducationUSA centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

EducationUSA center in Sarajevo was established in 2009 within American Councils for International Education. Today, it is a part of US Alumni Association in BiH. You can find some stories of students who worked with EducationUSA advising center and received financial aid to study in the United States and fulfilled their dreams of studying overseas them under the Successful stories tab. EducationUSA advisor in Sarajevo is Aleksandra Popovic, who herself was an exchange student in the United States and can share many tips from her personal experience.

EducationUSA center in Banja Luka was launched in 2011, within American Corner Banja Luka. The center became very popular in a very short period of time and currently works with dozens of students who wish to study in the United States. EducationUSA advisor in Banja Luka, Sonja Przulj, has an extensive work experience as a director of American Corner Banja Luka and has lots of experience in working with young people.

EducationUSA center in Tuzla was launched in 2016, within American Corner Tuzla. It quickly became popular and has reached almost 2000 high school and university students in its first year, all through individual and group consultations, webinars, and visits to high schools and universities in this region. EducationUSA advisor in Tuzla, Edita Miftari, is a Fulbright alumna, she earned her MA degree from an American university, and has extensive experience in advising young people on opportunities for academic and professional development.

EducationUSA center in Mostar was also launched in 2016, within American Corner Mostar.