Opportunity Program
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Opportunity Fund, funded by the U.S. Department of State, helps highly qualified students of very limited financial means with the costs of applying to universities in the United States.

To be eligible for the Opportunity program, a student must:
– be citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
– be a member of Competitive College Clubs in Sarajevo or in Banja Luka
– apply to degree programs at accredited U.S. higher education institutions (AA/AS, BA/BS, LLM, MA/MS, MBA, Ph.D., etc.), and for sufficient financial aid to meet the student’s need;
– demonstrate that they and their family are not able to pay for the application process.
– The following are not eligible for Opportunity funding: alumni of the Fulbright and Muskie programs; students currently studying at a U.S. higher education institution; U.S. citizens and permanent residents; employees and immediate family of EducationUSA Advising Centers, American Councils for International Education, and the U.S. Embassy.
The Opportunity program offers no guarantee of acceptance or financial aid awards at U.S. Institutions.

The Opportunity Fund may cover up-front expenses including, but not limited to:
– testing fees and transportation to testing sites located far from the student’s home;
– application fees for U.S. institutions and international courier fees to send applications to the U.S.;
– translations and certifications of official documents and records (if required by the U.S. institution);
– SEVIS fee and U.S. visa fees, including transportation for the purpose of a visa interview if the U.S. Consulate is located far from student’s home;
– transportation to the U.S. institution where the student will study;
– one-time settling-in allowance to help cover the initial costs of living in the U.S.

All decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. The Opportunity Fund
supports equal opportunity for all without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, geographical region, or academic discipline. Funding for selected grantees is at the discretion of the U.S. Embassy and may be discontinued at any time if the participant does not meet his/her responsibilities.

Become a member of Competitive College Club and apply for Opportunity Fund! Your adviser will tell you how and when!
– All information is confidential and is reviewed only to determine the applicant’s eligibility.
To receive further instructions and application, please contact:

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