SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a test designed to assess student’s academic readiness for college and it is used as standardized test for admission to undergraduate programs in the US. SAT enables the college admission committees to evaluate the level of candidates’ knowledge.

Test Description

There are two types of SAT:

SAT Reasoning – it consists of three parts: critical reading, analytical writing and mathematics and it lasts for almost four hours. Each of these three parts of SAT Reasoning test has 200 to 800 points, which means that a maximal number of points 2400.

SAT Subject tests- additional test of knowledge that is sometimes required from a student for admission to the US schools. They mea¬sure knowledge in specific subject areas. The subjects currently of¬fered are: U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Literature, Mathematics, Modern Hebrew, Physics, Spanish, World History.
SAT Subject tests last differently depending on a subject taken, but their maximal duration is one hour.  

SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests are paper based tests, which means that they are taken in the official administration center on paper.

Registration and manner of payment
Registration can be done online on There is a possibility of additional payment depending on Subject Test. Also it is possible to pay for the test in several manners. Our recommendation is to select payment by credit or debit card (MasterCard, VISA, Visa Electron). Payment is done during registration at the official Internet site of the test.

Test price
Price of the SAT Reasoning test is $78 (Registration fee $49 + International processing fee $29), and for one SAT Subject Tests the price is calculated in the following manner: $22 test fee (during registration) + $11 for each subject test. Additional $22 are paid for tests requiring listening section (for example SAT Subject in Spanish with listening).

Testing dates:
For correct and updated testing dates please see:

Test places in BiH
SAT (ScholasticAptitudeTest) can be taken in BiH in Sarajevo and Mostar.


International University Sarajevo
Hrasnička cesta 15,
71210 Sarajevo, BiH
033 957 101/102

Campus of University of Sarajevo
Zmaja od Bosne 8
71000 Sarajevo
033 200 70


United World College
Španski trg 1,
 88000 Mostar
036 320 601

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