The TOEFL is a standardized test that measures the abili¬ty of non-native English speakers to communicate in an academic setting. It is necessary for admission to studies in the US, as well as for enrollment to many international study programs, and it is widely accepted in the European higher education institutions.

The TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT) has four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writ¬ing. Candidates have up to four hours to complete the test, which is administered via computer from a secure Internet-based testing network through certi¬fied testing sites.

Test description
The TOEFL iBT is taken at a computer in the administration center via Internet connection. It consists of four parts:
•    Reading
•    Listening
•    Speaking
•    Writing
For listening and speaking parts of the test headphones with integrated microphone are used. Test lasts approximately 4 hours with one 10 minute break.

Test sections             Number of Questions            Time

Reading                     36 – 70 questions            60-100 minutes
Listening                  34 – 51 questions             60-90 minutes
Speaking                  6 tasks                                  20 minutes
Writing                     2 tasks                                  50 minutes

The maximum score on TOEFL iBT is 120. Each section can win from 0 to 30 points.

Registration and manner of payment
You can register for the TOEFL iBT at: or by telephone, by calling the official TOEFL iBT registration center for Europe in the Netherlands – Prometric PTC Registrations Europe at the phone number 0031 – 320 – 239 – 540 (Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours).
You would need to open a free account at which will serve you later on to apply for the test and to receive the results. Payment is done via credit or debit card during the registration for your selected date of testing.

Test price

Registrations up to 7 days before testing (Early registration): 180 USD
Registrations up to 3 days before testing (Late registration): the fee is increased

Dates of TOEFL iBT testing in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Please find Bosnia and Herzegovina in the following list.

Test places in BiH

Banja Luka
Edukativni centar Koleks d.o.o.
Address: Nikole Pasica 4
Telephone: 051 220 430

Udruženje građana Razred
Address: Bosne Srebrne 6
Telephone: 049 235 760

Svjetski Univerzitetski Servis
Address: Zmaja od Bosne 8
Telephone: 033 200 070

Centar za poslovnu edukaciju
Address: Muhameda Kantardžića 3/3
Telephone: 033 260 505

Centar za poslovnu edukaciju
Address: Trg slobode 16 (BIT Centar)
Telephone: 035 245 222

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