My name is Denis Bozic and I am currently a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  During my junior year in high school “Gimnazija Mostar”, I have decided to apply to the US universities because I wanted to continue and expand my education above the boundaries that were set by my home country. As a student who was a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national curriculum, I have to say that the entire application process was very stressful and confusing sometimes – I took my SATs and TOEFL very late and I finished my essays in the very last moment.

While the application process took a lot of time, I am so happy and thankful that I put enough effort and that I didn’t give up. I think that this kind of process was very unclear and stressful for many of us, but there is no reason to give up. If you feel that you want to achieve something more, you have to follow your dreams even when you feel as if there is no hope. I have only been at MIT for couple of months and I feel that I have already learned and achieved so much. Being surrounded with some of the best and most talented students in the world is an indescribable feeling and I think that everyone should experience it. So, if you feel that you can achieve something more, you certainly can! You just have to follow your dreams and put some effort into them.

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